Daniel Fung

Welcome to this page dedicated to Daniel Fung from CT who is a leading extracts artist in the MMJ industry. Daniel Fung is the founder of Dank Fung Extracts, which specializes in various vaporization products, including vape pens, made from the best extracts artists out there. In fact, its DFE Executive vape pen was rated as a top 5 vape pen by High Times Magazine.

Daniel Fung wanted to create vape pens and other vaporization products that transcend what others are doing in the industry. For example, many vaporizers feature a high temperature. They are designed this way to create larger clouds of vapor that cause a pronounced effect.

While this might look cool, the high temperature of the vaporizer roasts off the terpenes, destroying the flavor of the marijuana flower. In total, the vape euphoria becomes a hollower and more disappointing experience. Seeing this, Daniel Fung wanted to create a better overall vaping experience.

In order to do this, he and his chosen team of extracts artists designed vaporizers that were made for flavor and ease of use. Dank Fung Extracts vape pens are made for a lower temperature vapor experience. Daniel Fung from CT says that his customers will be able to taste the difference when they use one of his vaporizing products.

Daniel Fung has been a leading extracts artist in the MMJ industry for some time. When Daniel Fung was in Watertown, CT, he invented MedTab. Medtab is a homogenized, dosable form of dry MMJ flowers. Today, he utilizes his experience and expertise in many ways. He currently consults on extraction product formulation for various medical marijuana companies and speaks on relevant issues concerning the MMJ industry.

If you have any questions about the MMJ industry and how public perception about cannabis has changed, this blog will focus on these issues and more. As cannabis becomes studied more and states opt to approve decriminalization and legalization, Daniel Fung and others in the MMJ industry will provide products individuals can use to experience the benefits of marijuana safely.  These include vape pens that support marijuana inhalation without the adverse effects of smoking.

Check this blog out again to learn more about what’s going on at Dank Fung Extracts and the industry as a whole.