Daniel Fung Discusses Curbside Pickup Implementation for Dispensaries

The spread of the new coronavirus has essentially brought many industries to a halt, but businesses marked as essential have remained open and have found innovative ways to implement safety precautions. Daniel Fung CT medical marijuana specialist has examined the practices of Colorado and California based dispensaries and notes the immense level of detail that is going into reducing the amount of human contact and the likelihood of spreading the virus.

Much like grocery stores, hardware stores, drug stores, and assorted other retailers, licensed cannabis retailers in Colorado and California have been labeled as essential businesses. Still, for optimal operation (and minimal risk of spreading disease) some thought was required to make the process as smooth as possible. Cannabis stores have begun to utilize new policies that can be seen in restaurants and other services at this time, specifically providing curbside pickup, drive-thru, and delivery services. The process has not yet become all encompassing but, as of March 17, a dozen of California’s dispensaries gained licenses that allow them to provided curbside pickup service. In Colorado, cannabis retailers have been faced with the ultimatum to offer curbside pickup or close for the time being. Washington has followed suit with added options for curbside pickup, and the trend is likely to continue with other states in following weeks.

The process is simple, and Daniel Fung CT MMJ industry specialist hopes to see its implementation in more locations during our period of social distancing measures. Customers place their orders online or call into their local dispensary, receiving a call or text when the order is ready for pickup. Consumers park in a spot designated for their pickup order and a clerk comes to your car to verify your ID, order, and takes cash for the transaction. After they come back with your products, you drive away, and it is as easy as that. What Daniel Fung CT medical marijuana expert and many others in the industry like about the process is that it limits both the customer and employee’s likelihood of exposure to each other and likelihood of catching or spreading contagions.

Daniel Fung CT medical marijuana connoisseur and others within the space have seen cannabis retailers’ distinction as an essential business as validation for its inherent benefits, as cannabinoids within the product can be life-saving medicine for consumers. With some 90% of voters agreeing with the institution of legal access to medical marijuana, these sentiments mark a distinct shift from the skepticism that some have shown for medical marijuana’s health benefits in the past. Now, many cite the ways that the plant can reduce anxiety, stress, and boredom amongst citizens.

While not all retailers have adopted the practices of curbside pickup yet, the dedication the cannabis industry has displayed for protecting its clientele and employees so far in the current climate has been commendable. Essential businesses across the board have been taking strides to allow us to keep a few key semblances of normalcy and, for that, they have Daniel Fung and many other’s respect and gratitude.

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